Vaccine Development for Respiratory Conditions

Accelerated vaccine development and clinical research from VirTus. We conduct clinical trials and testing based on human models to generate groundbreaking vaccination treatments for viruses affecting the respiratory tract. As VirTus has an ‘academic brain with a CRO’s body,’ you can be sure of vaccine trials facilitated at the highest academic standards and application of high-quality professional management services.

Discover vaccine trials for RSV, RV and other respiratory conditions with VirTus.

VirTus Vaccine Development Trials

A key part of how we work involves the delivery of vaccine trials for RSV, RV and viruses affecting the respiratory tract. As a world-leading clinical research organisation, vaccine development facilitated by VirTus can aid RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and RV (rhinovirus) immune responses.

We conduct clinical trials and vaccine development processes in some of the most advanced scientific facilities in the world, performing rigorous procedures and utilising state-of-the-art medical technology. Data integrity is paramount – that’s why we work alongside Data Magik and Ignite Data to ensure a clinical data management service tailored to the needs of your pharmaceutical organisation.

Uniquely blending high-quality academia and industry expertise, VirTus provides vaccine development services that are efficient, effective and professional.

Our Infection Rate in Vaccine Development

Here at VirTus, we’re able to ensure an impressively high success rate of infection in vaccine trials for RSV, RV and other respiratory illnesses.

For instance, the overall infection rate of our current stock of rhinovirus is 82% in asthmatics, COPD patients and healthy volunteers. This means we’re able to yield incredibly valuable results from our vaccine development, and use these insights to develop treatments that improve immune responses to respiratory viruses.

It is the effectiveness of our vaccine trials that make us such a successful and renowned vaccine development organisation. Partnering with VirTus to conduct clinical trials means your organisation, be it a small biotech or multinational pharmaceutical company, is in the best position to develop the next ground-breaking vaccination.

Therapeutic Areas of Clinical Development

Respiratory viruses – RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and RV (rhinovirus) chief among them – can cause symptoms such as breathing difficulties and airflow obstruction. Vaccine trials for RSV, RV and other viruses that affect the respiratory tract can help improve immune responses, especially for people with asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and other respiratory conditions.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Sometimes known as human orthopneumovirus, RSV / respiratory syncytial virus can exacerbate symptoms that occur in the respiratory tract – particularly among patients with COPD and asthma. Our vaccine trials for RSV help to develop medicines that can alleviate those symptoms and improve immune responses.

Rhinovirus (RV)

Clinical trials with human models pave the way for innovative vaccination treatments to reduce the symptoms of RV / rhinovirus. The exacerbation of symptoms related to asthma and COPD is directly caused by respiratory viruses in 67% of instances; world-leading vaccine development can help to address this.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a grouping of conditions related to the lungs which cause symptoms occurring in the respiratory tract. Vaccine development facilitated by VirTus helps to generate new vaccination options in the event of respiratory viruses.


Asthma is a fairly common condition that can cause inflammation in the respiratory tract or difficulty with breathing. These symptoms may be dramatically worsened by the onset of respiratory viruses; we use our medical expertise to conduct vaccine trials that assist in the reduction of those symptoms.

Human Challenge Vaccine trials

Human challenge trials facilitated by VirTus represented an accelerated clinical development pathway. Our human challenge trials involve a bespoke, academic approach that tests both proof of concept and proof of mechanism in the most time and cost-efficient manner possible.

Moreover, participants in vaccine development and clinical trials are provided with an ethically-approved study pack to explain the process and help them make the most informed decisions. It is the highs standards such as these that we hold ourselves which help to ensure our human challenge models are both safe and innovative, paving the way for exciting new clinical opportunities.

20+ Years of Clinical Vaccine Development

Our founders, Professor Sebastian Johnston and Dr Michael Edwards, have been collaborating on clinical trials and pushing forward the field of respiratory research since 2001. In that time, they have amassed considerable experience in vaccine development and international-standard vaccine trials for RSV, RV and other respiratory conditions. This first-rate scientific pedigree and track record of innovation runs through each and every one of the clinical services provided by VirTus.

End-to-End Vaccine Development & trials Services

As a clinical research organisation at the forefront of ground-breaking respiratory treatments, VirTus is the ideal partner to help you develop exciting new vaccination and treatment options for respiratory viruses. Our clinical trial services deliver a bespoke and scientific approach, one which utilises all our expertise and proficiency in the field; that’s why we call ourselves ‘an academic brain with a CRO’s body’.


Receive open and honest, objective consultation from our world-leading team of specialists. We offer a bespoke service in clinical trial consultancy and will happily tailor our approach to match your organisation’s goals.

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Volunteer recruitment

Vaccine development and innovations in respiratory treatment are enabled by the participation of human volunteers and vaccine candidates. Explore clinical trial volunteer opportunities with VirTus now.

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Clinical Trial Development

You can leave all the details of clinical trials, including study design, logistics and bioanalyses to us. With a bespoke academic approach and extensive experience, our clinical trial development services really are second to none.

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Laboratory Services

Clinical laboratory services facilitated by VirTus encompass clinical trials and sophisticated bioanalyses carried out in world-leading laboratory facilities.

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All Clinical Trials Services

Whatever the nature of your clinical trials, VirTus can assist. We’re committed to fast and agile biotechnology, so you can be sure of efficient and high-quality pharmaceutical drug development in respiratory conditions. If you’re searching for scientific guidance, commercial proficiency, biopharmaceutical excellence or any other clinical trial solutions, VirTus is the clinical research organisation for you.

Preclinical Research Services

VirTus offers clinical studies support, accelerated bioanalytical solutions and an impressive track record in respiratory innovation. Our preclinical studies services can be uniquely tailored to match your organisation and research goals. With a proactive, flexible approach, preclinical research facilitated by VirTus is among the finest available in the world.

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