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Publications highlighting the various clinical and pre-clinical work performed by Virtus experts to date.

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#ERSCongress - Precision meets immunology. Nice talk by Prof. Pavord showing that dupilumab reduces AE most impressively in high FeNO, high eos T2 asthmatics.

Could this be restoration of impaired anti-viral immunity?


#ERSCongress – Hot topics: microbiome, infection and host defence. Prof Smits discusses parasites, microbiota and their influence on the immune system.

Is H. polygyrus the next source of T2 cytokine blockers? Watch this space.

#ERS2019 #Asthma #VirTus #ERSTalks

#ERSCongress – In beyond T2 mechanisms in asthma, phages as magic bullets Prof J Simpson: surely the lung immune response is not aimed solely at bacteria but the phages they contain? Phages as a source of inflammation?

#ERS2019 #Asthma #Inflammation #VirTus

#ERSCongress – In beyond T2 mechanisms in asthma, phages as magic bullets by Prof. J Simpson.
Are we heading towards mapping out the respiratory phagome?
#ERS2019 #Asthma #VirTus

#ERSCongress It takes 2 to tango: Prof Nair interesting talk on T cell biology and eos; TH2 cells remain an elusive target. Also, a great overview of potential importance of DR3/TL1a signalling in ILC2 and eosinophilia crosstalk. Surely the next big target in T2 asthma!

#ERSCongress – It takes 2 to tango: Prof HJ Hoffmann gave a great talk on IgE mast cell interactions and possible implications for asthma severity.

#ERS2019 #Asthma #VirTus #ERSTalks

#ERSCongress – It takes 2 to tango: Prof P Bradding discussion on the effects of SABAs on mast cell function. Shows how little we know about the immunomodulatory effects of beta2agonists, both harmful and beneficial.

#ERS2019 #Asthma #COPD #VirTus

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